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London Thames Festival 2011

Now I don’t profess to be a good camera-man and huge apologies for the blurry and dim videos below which don’t seem to show anything much but I thought I should share them anyway.

I most certainly would not want to write any kind of romance with that thing.


What a catchy and upbeat rhythm.


This was the second festival that I attended in London, the first being the Notting Hill carnival just a few weeks before the Thames Festival. As far as I can remember, I didn’t intend to be at the festival that day but my friend C. and I were on our way home from Westminster and just decided to pass by the area anyway, since we lived quite near the Tower Bridge part of River Thames. It was a good thing that we did decide to do so as it was the last day of the festival. Initially I thought we’d just have some churros with chocolate while window-shopping at the stalls set up along the Thames but before long we found ourselves enraptured by the random street performances and the parade, and even staying till the end of it all which concluded with some fireworks.

DSCN2043    DSCN2047

DSCN1987  DSCN2029



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