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Of azulejo and the Douro River

Dilapidated to the point of risking collapse, Oporto’s landscape of fragile old houses injects a dose of romanticism into our lives which are too often towered over by modern skyscrapers.

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Snippets from Notting Hill Carnival August 2011

It was the very first carnival that I attended in London and naturally, I was wide-eyed. The weather in August was perfect for some strolling, cheering and even dancing along. … Continue reading

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Fate brought me back to Paris

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Streets of London

I had the privilege of spending 5 months in London in the later half of 2011 before winter took over. These are some of the places that I passed by … Continue reading

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Life’s a beach – floods, upset stomachs and a broken bed

Trip to Bali (June 2010) To be continued… The next day after the flood… This picture was taken after most of the water had been pumped out from the basement. … Continue reading

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Quaintness in dilapidation

For now I shall allow you to feast your eyes on the sights of Lisbon… Until I find the time to narrate my horror experience in Lisbon which proved to … Continue reading

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Flamenco performance in Granada

My Granada hostel owner recommended this place for a decent flamenco performance at a really attractive price (only €6 when a typical performance costs at least €20 onwards). Shall dig … Continue reading

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Music to the ears

This was recorded on 17 March 2013 when I caught one of my all-time favourite piece of classical music playing in the Paris underground while rushing back to my apartment. … Continue reading

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Wien I fall in love…

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Postcards from Berlin

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Con te partirò

For some reason I’ve always dreamt of the song “Con te partirò” being sung to me while I am on the waters of Venice. Well, it didn’t happen as I … Continue reading

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London Thames Festival 2011

Now I don’t profess to be a good camera-man and huge apologies for the blurry and dim videos below which don’t seem to show anything much but I thought I … Continue reading

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